This year we get to have the full XC experience.  Team bus rides to meets and hanging around for awards.  PASTA DINNERS for athletes and parents.  Overnight travel trip to Florida.   Much, much more.  This season is going to be EPIC.
To get the best out of the season, we enthusiastically encourage our athletes to attend every team practice they can get to Monday through Friday.   Don't have a ride?   Don't let that stop you.  Coaches, parents and athletes are happy to give you a lift to practice.  We can't become WE... until WE all spend quality time together this summer.


2021 SCHEDULE.png


Athletes are expected to attend all meets.

Contact Coach Tillery if you have unavoidable conflicts

Spikes and Spurs may be Friday-Saturday or Sunday return. TBD

Team time trial weekend is optional and an extra fee applies

Southern Showcase meet is varsity only.  Likely top 10-14

Mountain Invite is junior varsity only to race but all will attend.

Region and State are mandatory participation.




7/19/21.  Always curious to see what changed after the July 4th dead week.

Very consistent results and some improvement for our least experienced runners as they figure out tempo effort / intensity.

A few guys and girls did the double dog.  Good stuff.  Twice the dog.

Check out the #s & coache's notes.


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6/24/21.  First time to collect valuable training information for the 2021 squad.  How'd it go?

Every single person who ran was faster than same workout late July 2020!  That is super cool.  Running is a competition with yourself to see just how good you can become.

Guys had more top end quality than ever before and are posed for a big season.   Girl's looked strong both with veterans and new runners.


Our team first vibe means everything to WFHSXC.  We will celebrate every runner's journey towards finding their best self.

We also believe we should strive for team excellence at all levels.  In 2020, which was actually a bit of an off season for us in terms of historical performance, our average team scores at the region championship placed us 2nd behind Lambert.   In 2021?  We would love to be first.

We can be both very good friends and very good runners all at the same time.  Pursuit of team friendly culture and championship level performance are not mutually exclusive goals, but are instead symbiotic.

Below is a snapshot of how our varsity team has done at the state meet the last 3 years.   Our boys and girls have qualified for state each of the last 8 years.  In 7A, that is a strong accomplishment.  Note that the top 4 teams are recognized with a podium awards presentation.  Podium teams highlighted in green below

STATE 18-20.png