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2022 MEETS


Fri 11/4
Carrollton Middle School

202 Trojan Drive

Carrollton, GA

Race Schedule

noon  Varsity Boys  

12:45 Varsity Girls

Admission $10 / adult

All tickets through GoFan.  Can be purchased in advance.


2022 XC SCHEDULE.jpg


Athletes are expected to attend all meets.
Contact Coach Tillery if you have unavoidable conflicts
Region and State are mandatory participation.  email or face to face at school



Our team first vibe means everything to WFHSXC.  We will celebrate every runner's journey towards finding their best self.   WFHSXC state results rank with the best in 7A.

We will strive for team excellence at all levels.  Last 2 years, our average team score at region was 2nd best behind Lambert.  In 2022?  We aspire to be first.

We can be both very good friends and very good runners all at the same time.  Pursuit of team friendly culture and championship level performance are not mutually exclusive goals but are instead symbiotic

19-21 7A.jpg


Guy's Varsity win our 2nd ever region title running a new school record average top 5 time of 16:17

Girl's Varsity run 12th fastest all time team average of 20:10 and punch their ticket to state.

Girl's JV take the win with 5 in the top 11 places.

Guy's JV finish a close 2nd, only 4 points behind.

Great weather, nice firm course, rock solid support from friends and family.   Our team just coasted down a wave of


region team.png


Our team won all 3 boys races.

Girls won varsity and got 2nd to Milton, who has a talented and likely the deepest girls team in the state, in JV & open.

Collectively we executed our race plan perfectly.  Appropriately aggressive first mile, moving forward after 1/2 way, competing hard for places in the green cone zone.

Good day to be a Wolverine!  Even if you only have 1 shoe.

one shoe.png


We hope you had fun.  We hope you inspired a bunch of middle school runners to want to join our sport in high school.

You ran great.  Many faster than track 2022.  Many faster than MM 2021.  Many faster than what was projected.   It is called MOMENTUM.   We have it.  The #s do not lie.

hot dog.png


Our young team is gaining the experience we need to race our best at the end of the season when it matters most.

Learn from each race.  Double down on the things you did right in training, at the race and during the other 22 hours a day.   Where do you need to improve?  Make a plan of action and then stick to it.  Intention without effort means nothing.  Hope is not a strategy to getting to bed earlier, being more organized with your studying or working on an unafraid / "I'm excited and ready!" game day mentality.  Don't just wish.  DO SOMETHING!   Not sure what to do?  Ask a coach for suggestions.



Damp, soggy, tall grass, cold bus but at least it wasn't hot and sunny.

Great experience for most of the West athletes to race on the state meet course.   We discovered that "THE CARROLLTON" workout is way harder than the actual course itself.

Particularly strong outings by JV Guys in 4th and Varsity girls 6th.

Girls ortho.png


Weird name since it wasn't a championship race.  It was, however, really hot

What most of the girls will remember was really hot temperature that challenged you to just keep running, much less running fast.

Guys got fortunate to get cloud cover and were able to take advantage and run fast time on a very difficult course.  Aren't you glad we did that Carrollton workout to prepare you?

Some race are perfect.  Some are not ideal.  Either way, we show up and try hard because we do hard things.

Hope you go Kona Ice.  Always roll with Tiger Blood.

Thanks for the welcome MOES.  Much appreciated.



Primary objective was to show up, with a can do attitude and run hard for each other.

Mission accomplished!   A little rain early couldn't ruin our joy.

29 West first timers for high school XC got in their debut 5K.

1141 runners/31 teams took on 5 different races through the puddles and mud.

Athletes.  Please check out the data provided.  Look at you 1 miles, 2 mile and last 1.1 pace splits.  In a perfect world, they would be pretty even.  How were yours?  How did you feel?  What can you learn to help you next race?

Good job of team spirit and cheering for each other!

Room for improvement in keep our tent space clean.

Let's all help Will keep his spirits up after his injury.



Primary objective is to prepare the each team member for what our races are going to look like.

Good job for showing up, following the plan and racing hard.

Very impressed overall by our pacing.  Many athletes ran their 2nd mile faster than the 1st or at least didn't slow down tons on the 2nd mile.

One area of improvement was cool down.  We split up into too many small groups.  Cool down with the group you raced with.  We do things together.  That is what it means to be a good teammate.

Be thinking about what you did that worked that you want to repeat.    Figure out what you could do differently that would help things go even better.

Returning athletes... check out how your average pace today compared to your average 5K pace in races last year.   We are getting faster!

If you are interested, go back and look at 2020 TT results on the same course to see how athletes performed at the end of the year compared to the TT.

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