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> On this course, ideally, you would like your mile 1 split to be no more than :15 faster than 5K ave pace

> Varsity girls had a good day.  Average of all team's varsity girls = :38 slower than Pickens.  :23 for us.

> Tess starting to feel it.  Sophia miraculously runs a lifetime PR!

> Varsity girls take down Carrollton who beat us at Pickens.  Beat Norcross who was ranked #10 in 7A.

> Did anyone else notice that every one of our JV girls was a sophomore?  Such great experience!

> Anna D looking strong.  Many with 3rd mile faster than 2nd, which is the way to run this course.

> In general, what we hope you discovered is this course really isn't that hard.  Besides.  We do hard things!

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> JV guys with the run of the day.  4th as team. 

> Close 1-5 time spread of only :28!  Anything <1:00 is typically excellent.

> You guys ran pretty close together, but try to pack it up and be close enough to touch each other.

> Average JV guy from all teams was :24 slower than Pickens.   West averaged only :06 slower!  That's big.

> Even on a day when our varsity guys weren't happy with how we ran, our #4 was still best of any team.

> #5-#14 must form a bond to collectively strive for improvement.  Work TOGETHER.  Better together.

> Key to our success over the next 52 days until state is your commitment to excellence.

> Sleep more.  Eat protein/carb snacks right after workouts/hard days.  Focus on eating iron rich foods.

> Cut out video games during the week.  Your brain needs rest to perform @ school & in sports.

> Develop a champion's attitude.  Embrace hard work.  Maintain a positive attitude & belief. 


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