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> You guys practiced the West way of racing.   Now you are ready for the season.

> Flat course with solid running surface enabled some very good pacing.  Many negative splits.

> Think about what you need to do better.  Pre game prep?  Pre game nutrition?  Mental approach?

> Pay attention to your average pace versus average pace for 5K races last year.  Most WAY faster.

> Check out how much faster our juniors and seniors are vs 2020 TT on the same course!  AWESOME

> Younger guys.  Go back & peep how guys who ran the same TT time in 2020 ran at the end of the year.

> What we shall become this year, as a team is up to the guys.  Average?  Good?  Great?

> Great teams sleep tons.  Great athletes eat like athletes, not like children.   Your choice.

21 TT GUYS.jpg

2022 CPP  MEN

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