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While it is still early season, it becomes quickly apparent who did their Winter training and who didn't.   Track is a tough sport because there is no place to hide and the stop watch can be a cruel mistess.  The watch also favors those who have been willing.  Rust is busted. Time to start rolling.



1600M GIRLS - Liz getting faster, Julie looking more like Julie.  Claire, Lili, Emma, Daniela, Morgan and Karla CRUSH their XC 1600M TT!

  800M GUYS - Nice time for Mr. Skoglind.   Impressive debut for Jacob Moran.  If you work hard, you can be something special.

3200M GIRLS - Good race for Amanda & Steph.   When you two and Kailtyn can get down to 12:20 this season, XC 2015 is going to rock!  

                          Amanda lands at #9 on out all time top 10 list!   Good job Sophia!   Welcome to the 3200M club!



GUYS UNDERCLASSMEN - Jason, James, Cooper, Wyatt, Nick, Brock, Kerrington, Austin, Turner, Mike

You guys do realize don't you, that next XC season.. you guys are the team.   How good we are depends on you.   At this point in the track season, based upon the work you have done over the Winter and our inital times, I see our varsity guys XC team next year as placing 4th at region and barely squeezing into the state meet where we would do no better than about 12th place and only that good because John Green has a legit chance to win and Matt is going to be awesome.  We can be a top 5 team next year, but it won't happen if you guys aren't dedicated to your team and each other.   


Lambert already has 8 guys under 5:12 (including two freshmen sub 5:00) who are coming back next year.  We have 2... John and Matt.  South is going to be very good.  Northview wants to beat us bad.  John's Creek and the Hooch are improving.    Where are all those West men who were knocking on the door of sub 5:00 at our XC TT?   I see kids who look the same in uniform but they sure aren't running like the same guys early this track season.   Most of you haven't been regulars at long runs and it shows.   There is no substitute for hard work.   Who wants to run varsity next year?   I know Jeremy Ericson wants a varsity spot.   Time to step up.  Carpe Diem!   Seize the day lads.   Seize the day. 



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