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Performances ranged from very good, to just OK.   Typical "rust buster" first meet of the season.  In many cases, we showed good improvement over race times compared to our 1st races last year, but many not running up to the level of our 1600M TT in cross country.   


I got most, but not all of our splits at Milton.  My evaluation is that we have some work to do with our training still.   Mostly, we did not go out too fast in races and yet our middle laps slowed too dramatically and with a couple exceptions, we didnt have strong finishes.   Sitting in ice cold stands shivering waiting for races likely didn't help much.


As long as you continue to work hard, race competively, love each other, eat and sleep right..... we will have a great season.  TRUST THAT!


Matt Bissett star of the meet.   Very solid, near PR in the 800M and a medal winning competitive 1500M race Saturday.  He looked sharp.


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