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Link to West results and results of other key competitions.  Let your competitive fire grow.


Find links below to top 8 performances by event.  Top 4 performers in the Region meet qualify for Sectionals

Current West top 4s are:

Will Brown 100M, Jake Wieczorek 200M,  

Current West top 4s are:

Lauren Fletcher 100M/200M, Chandler Randall LJ/TJ,  Janell Thompson Shot


Meet #7

Forsyth Co. Championship



JV Region  

MEN  - 3rd 82 pts.


Top 3 performances:  Cole Staton 100M 2nd, Jelani Glass 800M 2nd, Brett Gammon 1600M 2nd, 4X100M relay (C. Johnson, A. Geronimo, J. Pratley, C. Stanton 3rd, Aaron Geronimo LJ 3rd



WOMEN - 6th 30 pts.


Top 3 performances:   Kaitlyn Griffith 1600M 1st, Madison West 3200M 2nd, 


Meet #8

North, Flowery Branch, Kings Ridge  

MEN - North 58, West 43, FB 43


1st place:  Will Brown 100M, Austin Reid 200M, 4X100 & 4X400M relays

Lettering performances:   Duncan Miles 110M Hurdles 16.86, Austin Reid LJ 19'.75", 4x100M relay 44.20  J. Wieczorek, T O'Brien, W. Brown, A. Reid,  Brian Skoglin 1600M 4:59.16


WOMEN - FB 64, North 54, West 25


1st place:   Courtney Canady 300 Hurdles, Lauren Fletcher 100M/200M

Lettering performance:  Courtney Canady Long Jump 15'-10" 


Meet #7

Forsyth Co.


MEN  - 3rd 40 points


Top performers:  Jake Wiecorek top point scorer, 100M/200M 1st; Austin Reid 200M 2nd, 100M 3rd; Randy Kiser 400M/800M 4th; Duncan Miles 300 hurdles 4th, 100 hurdles 5th; Jonathan Gomez 3200M 5th; Jelani Glass 800M 5th; Nicholas Holbrook TJ 5th; Clint Hall Discus 5th; 4x400M relay 1st;  4X100M relay 3rd.

Non scoring lettering performances:  Josh Harrison & Matt Bissett  (sub 4:59.99 1600M)

WOMEN  - 4th  43 points


Top performers:  Chandler Randall top point scorer, TJ 1st, 200M/LJ 3rd; Lauren Fletcher 200M 1st, 100M 2nd;  Courtney Canady 300 hurdles 2nd, 100 Hurdles 3rd, LJ 5th; Danielle Jeter Shot 2nd; Kelsie Michaels PV 4th; Casey Brown Discus 2nd; Linette Cepeda 800M 5th; 4x400M relay 3rd.

Non scoring lettering performance:   Linette Cepeda (sub 5:59.99 1600M)


Meet #6

Disney Invite



Lettering performers:  Randy Kiser 400M  53.32 / 800M 2:09.02., Jonathan Gomez 3200M  10:47.91 PB, 4X400M Relay 3:44.83



Lettering performers:  Lauren Fletcher 100M 13.12 7th in the finals, Courtney Canady 100 Hurdles 17.53, Chandler Randall Long Jump 15'-8.75"

Other call outs:  4x200M relay, 3rd place 1:51.19, Linette Cepada 6:02 spilt on 4X1600M relay, huge PR.


Meet #5

Flowery Branch Invite  



Top 5 performers:  Jake Wieczorek 100M



Top 5 performers:  Lauren Fletcher 100M/200M, Courtney Canady 300 Hurdles, Chandler Randall Long Jump


Meet #4 vs Creekview  

MEN - West 87, Creekview


1st place:  Jake Wieczorek 100M/200M, Kwon Miller 110M Hurdles, Weston Fruend 300M Hurdles, Brett Gammon 3200M, 4X100 relay, Kayran Ochocki LJ


WOMEN - Creekview 111, West 58


1st place:  Chandler Randall 200M/400M/LJ,  Courtney Canady 300 Hurdles, Lauren Fletcher 100M, 4X100M relay

Meet #3 3/9/13

Atlanta Games  



Top 20 performers:  Brian Skoglin 3200M 7th, Josh Harrison 1600M 16th, Matt Bissett 1600M 19th




Top 20 performers:  Sara Jenkins 3200M 10th, Chandler Randall LJ 8th, Courtney Canady 100 Hurdles 15th, Kasey Brown  Discus 19th, Kaitlyn Griffith 1600M 15th

Meet #2 vs. North Forsyth

MEN - North 76, West 63

1st place: Will Brown 100, Austin Reid 200, Randy Kiser 400, Duncan Miles 300IM Hurdles, Jonathan Gomez 800/3200, 4X100 relay


WOMEN - North 83, West 59


1st place:  Chandler Randall   200,  Lauren Fletcher 100M, Courtney Canady 300 IM Hurdles, 4X100 relay, Danielle Jeter  Shot, Kasey Brown  Discus, Kaitlyn Griffith 1600

Meet #1 vs. Lambert, Pinecrest

MEN - West 79, Lambert 40, Pinecrest 20

1st place: Will Brown 100/200M/LJ, Randy Kiser 400/800M, Duncan Miles 300IM Hurdles, 4X100 relay, Ryan Miller Shot, Clint Hall  Discus, Kayran Ochocki  High Jump


WOM - Lambert 62, West 52, Pinecrest 22


1st place:  Chandler Randall   200/LJ,  Lauren Fletcher 100M, Courtney Canady 100 High/300 IM Hurdles, 4X100 relay, Janelle Thompson  Shot, Kasey Brown  Discus

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