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11 LETTERS IN 2022, 16 in 2023!

Not sure why 8 laps frightens athletes who race 5K in XC but it does.

Lose that fear, and attack this race if you wish to be a good XC runner.  Nothing better predicts XC success.

Diego, Noah and Lily open the season with letter times.   Lauren joins the proud 3200M club!

Caleb leads a pile of guys into the 3200M club.  8 racers, 8 PRs!

Hanniel becomes the 1st freshmen at letter in 2023.

Don't sleep on Om Jagtap!   Don't do it.  Seriously.  Don't

Grace and Kristen join the 3200 club

Lily, Lauren, Diego, Caleb and Lance PR @ FOCO

6 guys PR, 3 new letters at Walton

Guys go 1, 2, 3, 4 @ JV Region.   West domination.

Nice season in the 3200M.  25 PRs!!!!

3200 23 splits.jpg
3200M SPLITS.jpg

3200M -  2023 - 3200 CLUB IS WHERE IT'S AT!

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