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11 LETTERS IN 2022, 16 in 2023!

Not sure why 8 laps frightens athletes who race 5K in XC but it does.

Lose that fear, and attack this race if you wish to be a good XC runner.  Nothing better predicts XC success.

We had a nice season in the 3200M.   24 athletes ran lifetime PRs.  Everyone who raced the deuce did great mental preparation for cross country.   5 athletes moved into the top 20 all time list for West.   Many of you took advantage of racing using negative splits (running the 2nd mile faster than the 1st) which is the method every distance world record is set.

Be prepared.  In track 2023, every person on the team will get a shot to run the 3200M at some time during the season.

3200 23 splits.jpg
3200M SPLITS.jpg

2023 - 3200 CLUB IS WHERE IT'S AT!

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