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22 letter standards earned in 2022.   17 so far in 2023.

Letter records:  Guys 15 sub 5:00/19 sub 5:30 in '19, girls 11 sub 6:00 in '16, 17 sub 6:30 in '18.

We can CRUSH these records this year!

The last 2 years, versus the pre season TT, end of the season PRs are :24 faster (guys)  and faster :35 (girls)

This is AVERAGE.  New runners tend to have bigger gains.  Not everyone will improve :24/:35 seconds.  Sorry Parker/Calli!

Check out splits below.  Most of you have some work to do on the middle laps.  That is where the big PR gains come from.

Note the improvement in splits since the TT.  Easier than you think lap #1.  Work harder laps 2 and 3.

Diego and Calli kick of the year with DUBS!   29 PRs.   Lots of good green cone finishes.

Sophie gets a win in her first high school 1600M race.  Letter train keeps rolling.

Sophia and Parker get wins in home meet #2.

Diego and Caleb get heat wins.  Preston with a huge PR.

Soderberg breaks 6:00.  Yahres breaks 4:50.  Guys win Big Orange 4X1600.  Girls 3rd.

Lots of new race split information included below.......

1600M splits.jpg

1600M -  2023 - 4 LAPS OF GLORY

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