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11 LETTERS IN 2022

Parker and Diego with a perfect example of team running.  Negative splits!

These guys opened 10:54 & 11:01 last year.  Consistent running matters.  ITWIT!

Diego's last mile as fast as his 1600M TT.   No limits.

Caleb eeks out a small PR after an on pace 5:23 first mile (his TT 1600M in '21 was 5:15)

Ryan, Caleb, Hannah and Lily join the letter fest @ Sawnee Invite.

Besides Diego moving to #6 on the all time list, a tough day for 3200M running at Longhorn

Trent #2 all time at FOCO.  Parker and Charlie make top 20.  Sophia and Sarah join the 3200M club!

Noah, Ryan and Zach join the 3200M club!  Diego, Parker and Hannah make the top 10!

Trent and Hannah move on to sectionals

This is a club that you NEED to join to help you be a better cross country runner.

3200M SPLITS.jpg
2021 3200M SPLITS.png

3200M -  2022 - RUN THE DEUCE!

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