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Guys 800M has been a very strong event for West this year.   New school record in the open 800M as well as the 4X800M relay!

Two very pleasant surprises in Tyler and Jameson.  You guys have TONS of potential.  I'm begging you.  PLEASE run cross country next year.

I'm super encourage by all our 9th and 10th grade athletes and encourage all of your to run XC.   Your futures are bright if you stick with it!

The only guys who didnt' PR either had injury issues or didn't run the event often enough to catch a good weather day or when they were in shape.

Great to see some of our veteran runners like Ethan, Caleb and Mike Clark running fast and fighting for heat wins.


I have no doubt that in two years our all time records in this event, along with the 4X800M relay will look very different.   You are on the verge of moving from good to elite in this event.    I believe West athletes will run under 8:16 in 2017 and chase 8:00 in the 4X800M relay in 2018.   That will be something to watch!


VERY NICE RUNNING @ REGION TUNE UP - Top 2 all time performances!  5 PRs

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