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Fun way to kick off the 2016 track season.


Congratulations for doing enough work over the Winter to earn a spot on the roster for this meet.  Running indoors is a privilege.


We looked a little shell shocked at times early in races off fast opening first laps, running against battle tested kids.


Fortunately our team mantra this year is FINISH and not START!   For the most part, I appreciated your competitiveness and we certainly finished our races better than we started them.


Keep working hard, working smart and focus on making good decisions in the 22 hours of the day when you are not at practice and each of you should have a memorable track season this year.


Congrats to Kaitlyn and Matt on their 1600M race PRs!

Reagan lands at #3 and #4 in the West all time performance list in the 800M & 1600M.  Both times better the GA ELITE standard.

Mallory kicks off her high school track career dropping into the #9 slot in both the 800M and 1600M.

Matt jumps past Brett Gammon & Daniel Sexton as he moves from #6 to #4 on our all time 1600M list.  Matt needs 7 secs to catch Bagley for 3rd. 


Very nice even splits Kaitlyn.  Your patient early pace allowed you to run up through the field.   It feels good to be on the move and passing folks.   The 3200M is allot like cross country that way. Going out way too fast doesn't lead to fast times or strong finishes.


Matt and John.   You guys lost focus and intensity of effort in the 5th and 6th 400s.    These are the most difficult laps in the 3200M because it is just when your brain starts to tell you it is getting hard, and it is easy to not put in more effort to "save" something for later.   Unfortunately, you have to start increasing your effort after the mile and you can't save it for later.


800M races were difficult for us to execute great, especially in crowded indoor races, when we have been doing zero running at opening 200M race pace in training yet.


We gamely fought to stop the bleeding on the last 200M, but everyone lost too much ground to ideal 800M racing pace in the 3rd 200M.


Some people argue that the key to running a really fast 800M is the 3rd 200M segment.   It requires extra effort focus on form to keep the pace going when your body is starting to fight back.


Typical high school early season racing splits.   1st and last lap similarly paced. Middle 2 400M segments quite a bit slower.


By the middle of the season, every athlete should target much more even splits.   Every world record and almost every good college and professional miler runs even splits when they run fast times.   If you want to run fast, run even splits!


Reagan.  Off of a :40 opening lap, :80 opening 400 and 2:40 opening 800M, you should have been positioned more towards the front.  


Nick.   Based upon your last lap, you held way too much in reserve.   Opening 400 and 3rd 400 were way too slow. Next meet you need to open around :70-:72 to give yourself a chance to run fast.


Matt's splits were pretty darn good. Those kinds of splits are where PRs come from. 




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