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John's 3200M was TEXTBOOK in how world class distance runners approach track racing.   John's 200M splits were pretty darn even and his last 400M was his fastest.  Unfortunately, very few high school runners run this way which causes challenges for training and racing.   When possible, try to run even splits in your races... but we will do workouts that help prepare you for opening laps that are too fast.


Most high school runners in the 1600M run their 1st and last laps at a similar pace and slow the 2nd and especially the 3rd lap.   Working towards not having the middle laps more than 2 seconds slower than the 1st and 4th is a great goal.    In a perfect world, you want your last lap to be the fastest because that is when the racing counts and you either pass people or are passed.    To accomplish this, it is wise to run your first lap so it feels easier than what you can do and then force yourself to apply more effort to following laps.


Some of the effort you save by not going out too quickly in lap #1 of any distance race is energy you should have in the bank for the last 400M.   Track is a sport about being competitive and racing the other athletes.   The purpose of track isn't just to time trial every race and try to set personal best times.   Your goal should be to finish first, or as close to first as you can in your race.


Track is  a team sport and points are awarded by places, not times!


NOTE!   even splits logic does not apply to the 800M.   To learn about race strategy for the 800 & some other race hints click the link


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