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PRE DISNEY 1600M - Several life time best times and a whole lot of fast running for a squad who has done very little real speed work.   STRONG = FAST


M  Varsity - 10th place, John Green 44th

W Varsity - 4th place, Liz Galarza 19th

W JV 7th place - Hadley Karandjeff 13th

M JV 10th place - Steven Clark 40th

M  Varsity - 16th place, John Green 56th

W Varsity - 3th place, Liz Galarza 11th

M JV - WIll Harper 18th

W JV - Jillian Kibler 43rd

M  Varsity - 3th team, Austin Shea 2.0 10th

W Varsity - 2nd, Julie Ericson 5th

M JV - 2nd, Tristan Harding 9th

W JV - 7th, Megan Jordan 4th

M  Varsity - 11th place, John Green 36th

W Varsity - 10th place, Julie Ericson 11th

M JV - 7th place, WIll Harper 11th

W JV - Liz Galarza 1st

2 MILES - West athletes ran well in our team time trial at Chattahoochee Pointe Park, location of our Region Championship race at year's end.


M  Varsity - 5th place, John Green 14th.

W Varsity - 3rd place, Liz Galarza 9th, Julie Ericson 10th, Haley Anderson 13th

W JV - Megan Jordan 12th

W JV Hadley Karandjeff 1st

          Madison West 2nd

M JV Jelani Glass 2nd

M  Varsity - 3th team, John Green 16th

W Varsity - 2nd, Julie Ericson 6th

M JV - 3rd, Matt Bissett 2nd

W JV - 3rd, Daniela Calderon 7th

M  Varsity - 2nd place, Brett Gammon 4th

W Varsity - 2nd place, Julie Ericson 3rd

M JV - 1st place, WIll Harper 1st

W JV - 4th place, Stephanie Shea 1st

M  Varsity - 12nd place, John Green 41st

W Varsity - 5th place, Haley Anderson 10th

Men's team average time 24th all class

Women's team average time 9th all class

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