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Breakout race for our guys.   From 10th teams varsity and JV last year to 2nd is a nice improvement.

We had several athletes run more than 1:30 faster than the same race last year.   Summer training pays off big.

John Green for the win!   Hillman... almost for the win.   Good XC teams need to have quality #1 runners.

How we place at region and state will depend upon our #5, #6 & #7 runners.   These slots are still up for grabs.  Keep working.

While improving each day, we have a long way to go to reach our objective.  YOU HAVE NOT ARRIVED... NOT YET.

Key to our season moving forward?   Doing the little things right that show you value your teammates above self interests!

 #whynotus    every important accomplishment starts with a dream, ends with hard work & dedication


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