Teams that make podium at state:

> Have athletes that started running as fast freshmen and ran all 4 years

> Have athletes who are dedicated, consistent year round runners

> Tended to have smaller year over year time improvements

> Have top 5 runners who can average around 16:30-16:40 during the year

> Have top 5 athletes who can place in the top 30, 17:00-17:15 or better @ state

> Many of these athletes go on to run in college


Best West Senior runners in school history have this in common:

> They got serious about running at some point and became dedicated runners

> They ran the winters of their Junior & Senior years (should have started earlier)

> Often made big gains in time (over a minute a year) once they got serious

> The guys who ran track in the Spring progressed best

> Some did not run XC as freshmen or were not exceptionally fast


What happened in 2022 and what does the future hold?

> Portelli 12 on the senior list

> Diego, Cole and Parker top 4 on the Junior list.

> 5 guys crack the freshman list.  Sophomore guys on the list with room to improve.

> Even if you are not on this list yet, you can make varsity!  Ask Brett Gammon.  He averaged 22:42 in 9th & 21:40 in 10th and placed 4th overall at varsity region as a senior.   Keep running!  Time and testosterone are your friends.

> As I've told you guys before, you are a predictable biology experiment and the facts never lie in this sport.   

> There is absolutely no reason why the 2022 team shouldn't set your goal on winning state.  Commit now to our winter training program to reach your true potential.