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Teams that make podium at state:

> Stay healthy and arrive at the starting line feeling good.

> Have a mixture of young fast runners and experienced veterans.

> Have at least 1 and sometimes several "low sticks".  Finishing place <=15.

> Have top 5 runners who can average under 19:50 on a fast course.

> Have top 5 athletes who can place in the top 30, sub 20:45 @ state

> Many of these athletes go on to run in college


Why don't girls progress at the same rate as the guys do:

> While maturity is a 100% advantage to young men as they grow, initially the opposite can be true for young women.

> Changes in hormones and body development often require patience.  Young women might take a few years to run as fast as they did as freshmen.

> Don't think you can't get better as you age.   Look no farther than state champion Liz Galarza who had, by far, her best high school season as a senior.   

> So what can you do to be as competitive as possible?   Stay consistent and run year round.  Work on your total body strength.   Eat great, supplement iron and calcium as needed, sleep >8 hours / night.  Believe in race day magic.


What happened in 2022 and what does the future hold?

> Varsity girls pushed our state meet qualifying streak to 10 years in a row!

> Returning girls pre season #5 in 7A.

> We caught the wave mid season and just got faster and faster as we gained experience and learned how to be more comfortable with the uncomfortable.

> Want to be the best you can be?  Run frequently, fuel the body thoughtfully, bring a strong, confident belief in yourself and your team to practice every week.

> Really want to find out what you can become?   Winter practice is the best start.



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