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3rd place finish out of 25 teams varisty.   3rd out of 11 JV.

Since Stage races, John Green has been beaten by 3 guys from FL, 2 from TN, 1 from SC & 1 from AL.  From Georgia?   ZERO

Brandon Starteri had the best race compared to Wendy's time.   :23 slower vs team average of +1:09.  

Please check out your splits and try to remember how it felt.   The key to fast running is even splits, but increasingly difficult effort

Wellness is a primary goal.   Do what is necessary to stay healthy for region / state.

Region... is approaching.   You've done the work.    Now it all boils down to how much do you want to win.

Every spot in a race now becomes personal.    Time to work on your mental game.   Be goofy.  Be fierce.  Not mutually exclusive.  


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