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Learning to suffer in a race is mostly about teaching your body and brain that, although it is very uncomfortable, running hard really won't actually kill you.  Your brain is afraid you might die and you have to teach it a new lesson.   Each time you race and push yourself, your brain learns what your body is capable of doing and gives you a little more room to edge closer to the red zone which marks the sweet hot line of real suffering.  Suffering is not bad.  It is a badge of honor.  Suffering is what makes our sport special.


If your objective in running cross country is focused primarily on personal goals versus team goals, you will find it harder to suffer because the suffering will feel empty and needless.    However, if you are willing to focus on being the best you possible to support your team and represent your school, friends and family, you may be surprised just what you can accomplish.


#1LOVE has to be more than just some trite and silly slogan.  You have to feel the love!   You have to be committed to your team.    CAN YOU FEEL IT?


You will find great reasons to quit on yourself.   It is very hard to justify quitting on someone you love.

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