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3rd is the best we've ever done.   3 points from 2nd.

Fastest state team average ever.   Lowest point total ever.  Best boys team ever.

In virtual meet all class, we rank #3 vs #8 last year.  2 years in a row top 10.

Mid 40s degree temps and calm winds made for fast running.

2019 state M.png

> Josh pulls off the individual podium finish.   Check out last year's state notes.  Called that one.

> Cato did Cato things.   Ran up front.  He always #refusestolose

> Doty.  Maybe the most talented runner in West history.  He was very good.  Just how good can he be?

> Imagine being Yash?  Dealing with so much stuff.   Plane ride back to India 24 hours away and he crushed it.

> When it mattered most for the team, Trent comes up big.

> What made this team work is that they were a team all year.   7 guys, pulling on the oars in the same direction.

Evan x-country Georgia State Meet 11.2.1
2019 state M team history.png

> These guys have started the ball rolling.  It is our job to keep that ball rolling.  We WILL keep the ball rolling.

> Time to make a decision.  Anyone can say they "hope" to be good.   Few are prepared to actually do what it takes.

> Our goal is excellence.   We will support anyone who wants to be their best self.    In running and in life.

2019 state M all class merge.png


2019 m state stats.png


2018 state men ave stats.png


So... what does it take to make podium?

> Best XC runners run track and most run the 1,600M & 3,200M

> To win, you need to average around 15th place at state.   Guys who do this run sub 4:40 and sub 10:00 the prior year in track.

> To podium, you need to average around 30th place.  Guys who do this run mid 4:40s and 10:teens.

> To make the individual top 10 podium runners are typically sub 4:30, sub 9:40.

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