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Like compound interest, ultimate potential in running comes by stringing together consistent training over time.





During the Summer the most important thing is not how far you run or how fast you run.   The thing that will make the difference in how you race this Fall and how healthy you remain over a the next six months is how regularly you run.


Start running now!   Build up carefully until you can handle running 6 days / week and be as consistent as possible.


This is the key to success!


Missing two or three days / week of running and trying to make it up by running longer or faster the other days DOES NOT WORK!


Even if you only go out and run 15 minutes, get your run in. You will be glad you did!    I promise!   I pinky promise!


And the best way to make sure you get your run in?????   Come to the organized team practices!    It is easier to get your run in when you are meeting your friends and feel accountable to your team.   It's easy to cheat on yourself.   This is why the diet industry in the US is $32B!    It is much harder to let down a friend!


But coach.. morning practice is so early and I just want to sleep!   It's summer and I've had to get up early for school all year!


In five years, heck in one year, no seriously, by the time school starts in August... you will NEVER fondly remember the mornings you blew off practice to sleep in.   You will be unconscious so there is nothing to remember!     However, if you do sleep in, after region, when you don't run your best, you will ask yourself with regret "why did I sleep in all Summer and not get my training in?".     Maybe the worst emotion in all of life is regret.   Why go there?


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