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Best / fastest race from a West girl's team at state.  EVER.

Lowest point total ever.  #7 in all class merge.   Ranked #9 all class.

Mid 40 degree temps and calm winds made for fast running.

2019 state W.png

> We should all be as fearless as Ashley.  She just started the race in the top 10 and never surrendered.  Live life unafraid.

> Izzy & Rachel in their 3rd state meet & Ava in her 2nd run like veterans.   Smart early.  Tough late.

> Erika finishes up an amazing year.  Great leader.   Hard worker.   Fast runner.

> So proud of Brooke and Malia.  Running top 7 for a team that has been 6th or better for the last 7 years is a big deal.

> Who is ready to run at state next year?

Evan x-country Georgia State Meet 11.2.1
2019 state W team history.png

> 6th or better for last 7 years is some kind of consistency.   7A podium for the 2nd time ever.

> Top 10 in the all class merge 4 out of the last 7 years (no merge 2014 in the mud races)

> We can run with the best teams in the state.  To beat the best, we have to do what we do but even better.

> Ladies.   Let's focus on getting stronger in the off season and being consistent healthy runners.  That's the key.

2019 state W all class merge.png


2018 state w ave stats.png

So... what does it take to make podium?

> Best XC runners run track and most run the 1,600M & 3,200M

> To win, you need to average around 15th place at state.   Girls who do this run sub 5:30 and sub 11:40 the prior year in track.

> To podium, you need to average around 30th place.  Girls who do this run mid 5:30s and under 12:00.

> To make the individual top 10 podium runners are typically sub 5:15, sub 11:30.

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