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Podium!   In spite of Jeremy and Tyler getting trampled 150M in!

Fastest state team average ever.   Lowest point total ever.  Best boys team ever.

In virtual meet all class, we rank #8 vs #20 last year.

40 degree temps and calm winds made for fast running.

2018 state m.png

> If Jeremy doesn't get up and battle, we aren't on the podium.  It is as simple as that.  1st West guy to run state 4 years!

> If Cato doesn't run like a champion, and pass 11 guys in the last mile, we aren't on podium.

> If Whedbee doesn't believe in himself after being our #19 guy at the team pre-season time trial, we aren't on podium.

> If Graffius doesn't start believing in himself as a cross country athlete & get 4 guys in the last mile, we aren't on podium

> If Trent doesn't run the 6th fastest time of any freshman all class at state, we aren't on the podium.

> If Logan doesn't run tough and out place the #6 runner from Brookwood, we lose the tie breaker and aren't on the podium.

> We say all the time that every runner matters.   Now, maybe your really believe.

2018 state M history.png

> Knocking off Brookwood and Milton is a great accomplishment.   Historically both have been podium squads.

> We have the talent to be on the podium for the next couple of years and in the hunt for a win.

> We will ask a little more of everyone on the team in 2019 to help us all take the next logical step forward.


2018 state all class merge.png
2018 state men ave stats.png

So... what does it take to make podium?

> Best XC runners run track and most run the 1,600M & 3,200M

> To win, you need to average around 15th place at state.   Guys who do this run sub 4:40 and sub 10:00 the prior year in track.

> To podium, you need to average around 30th place.  Guys who do this run mid 4:40s and 10:teens.

> To make the individual top 10 podium runners are typically sub 4:30, sub 9:40.

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