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> Nice improvement vs dog loop tempo 2016

> Very solid first timed tempo effort by our freshmen

> Good to get more girls on the dog loop.   Lots of consistent running!

> Last year's girls averaged :19 / mile faster for 5K races than the pace they ran @ Dog Loop Tempo

> Your current every day training pace should be between 1:00-1:30 slower than this tempo pace.

> Training groups and paces connect to current state of fitness and will change over time.

> Groups should do most of their running together.   Some in the group might be doing different amounts of running but these groups match up girls by typical pace.

> Everyone has good days and bad days.   On occasion someone in the group just feels great.  Let her run free and don't feel like the whole group has to chase.   Sometimes you will have a tough days.  Don't put pressure on the group to slow down to the pace of the slowest runner each day.  If you can't keep up, no problem, just drop back and run the pace that is right for you on the day.


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