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2017 was supposed to be our year.    Lots happened.   We still made it to state.


Our 12th place finish in 7A translated to 20th in the all class merge.  2nd best ever.


Team average time was #2 all time for West.

> A super close team race.  We scored 44 fewer points than '16 but scored 1 place higher!

> Every runner got road kill!   Scoring 5 made up 89 spots after mile 1, 57 in the last mile.

> Great job hitting the first mile splits.   Just right on a less warm day.

> Never really mentioned for top 10, we came darn close.  6 points close.

> Huge race by Reece.  Ran very aggressively.  Huge finish by Whedbee who got 22!

> We will miss our seniors.   Tons of potential with our returning athletes for 2018.


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