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> What you want from a friend, a boss and a coach is someone who cares about you enough to speak honestly and plainly.

> Outside of Jeremy, Joseph, Nate, Nic, Brandon, Bealer, Christopher & Emerson, that was a very poor showing by our guys.   It got hot and some of you gave up.   Some of you only cared about going to Disney and never prepared mentally for the race. 

> It was hot.  Big deal.   If you aspire to be good at this sport, you better learn to get WAY tougher physically and mentally.   And I mean WAY tougher.

> You need to wear toughness as a badge of honor for all to see.  Love hills.  Love heat.  Love the cold.  Love the mud.   Love taking elbows from the other team.   This, my friends, is the only path to greatness in this sport.

> You have one more chance to wipe this bad memory out of your mind and end the season on a high note.   Here is my question for you?   You happy being mediocre or are you going to toughen up?



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