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> Girl's team off to a good start.    So far, our coaches are very proud of our girl's team spirit and attitude.   Team > Me.

> We planned our training this summer around injury prevention and as a result, we are a few weeks behind where we were last year.

> Be patient.   Trust the plan.   Our goal is to be fast WHEN IT COUNTS!

> Congrats to Haleigh, Emma, Caroline and Abbey who were most improved.

> Varsity and JV girl's should be in a dog fight for the team wins next Saturday at Pickens.   Lets focus on team goals & worry about time later. 

> Most of you only have 4 years in your whole life to run XC.   Let's  #MAKEITCOUNT this year ladies!


Please note race assignments for Pickens Preview

Also, please note training groups.  You should start doing regular runs & hard workouts in these groups.  Groups may change as results change


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