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5th place finish.   Our girls ran hard and came up just short of podium.


Liz becomes our first individual cross country state champion in school history

> While we didn't make podium, we accomplished a HUGE goal this year by re-establishing our girl's team spirt.

> Super proud of everyone but have to call out Liz and her beautifully executed state championship win!

   Liz didn't just win, she DOMINATED on the most important day of the season.

> Like most races this year, we started a bit too fast & it cost us.   For future success, it is critical we learn patience.

> Props to Stephanie, Michaela and Katie for moving up late and saving our 5th place spot.

> Haley & Kami.  Great experience.   Really great season.   Several more years to chase podium.

> Mallory.  Hard to overcome mono.  DO NOT LOSE CONFIDENCE.  You can be top 10 next year.  I promise!


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