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> We finally hit a fast course on a good weather day!

> 19:42 girls varsity team average is a school record!   Congrats ladies!

> Girl's varsity is no longer undefeated, but we'll take 2nd place.   Girl's JV 1st place!   Now that is what I'm talking about!

> 6 lifetime PRs.   A bunch of new entries into our record books for fastest times, fastest JV times and fastest freshman times.

> Shout out to Kaitlyn on her >:30 victory in the girls JV race.    What's better than 1st?

> Our primary objectives for the weekend were to become closer as a team and to work on our competitiveness.  I'd say mission accomplished!

> Keep sleeping as much as you can.   Eat lots of healthy foods, several times per day.   Healthy runners are fast runners!


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