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> We got a fast course, great weather and some more rested runners and the results showed it.

> 14 of 16 new lifetime PRs is pretty sweet.  The two guys who didn't PR have been hurt and are short on training. 

> John wins again easy.   Better have a strong mental focus between now and state.  Your competition isn't going to roll over for you.

> The fab freshmen go 1, 3 and 4 on the all time freshman list.   Good stuff young padawans.  Strong is the force in these 3.

> We still have solid work to do between now and region.   The more you guys pull together as a team, the better we will run.  PERIOD!

> Shout out to Jacob and Mike.  Our two most improved runners.   Hard work this summer paid off.  KEEP WORKING!

> Saturday's race will influence heavily the 12 we put on the state roster and who runs varsity at region.   Time to run your best.

> Want to run fast?   Get lots of sleep this week!   Eat good healthy foods several times a day.  Stretch and ice and foam roll as needed.


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