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> 3rd place finishes behind some pretty darn good teams.

> Your training program is designed for you to run your best at region and state.   Time to make it happen!

> Check out your River Run splits and use them to mold your region race strategy.

> Is your first mile way faster than your average pace?  Are you fading in the last mile?   Go out easier next time!

> Is your last mile way faster than the middle mile?  BE BRAVE in the middle and push harder.  YOU CAN DO IT!

> We always want you to run smart, but don't be afraid to take a chance to accomplish a goal.   Roll the dice and give it a shot!

> Congrats to John on another victory.

> It is the cold and flu season.  Wash your hands!   Make sure you get lots vitamin C.  Avoid your sick friends and family.  SLEEP MORE.


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