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> We had a bunch of PRs at Warpath but probably should have had a few more.   You must tap into your competiveness!

> Top 7 varsity positions still up for grabs!   Lets see who wants it.    Two weeks to train hard for Wendy's. 

> Congrats to THE FRO on another win.   You need to visualize what you expect to achieve every single day.

> Jeremy makes our all time lists of top freshmen and all time JV times.   I believe you will go much faster before the season is over.

> Charles, Austin and Jeremy letter.   13 so far this year.  Who's next?   Joseph, Jacob, Kerrington, Mike, Troy, Hunter, Caleb, James, Grant?

> Every day you run your best at practice and make good decisions when away from practice is a good day and makes you a better runner.

> Freshmen and Sophomores.  Please keep in mind that it is normal to improve your PR 1-2 mins every year.  Work hard and dream a little.


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