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> A tough day we will remember for the heat and the dusty course.

> Race of the day by Rachel Sexton.  Went from JV to scoring top 5 on varsity.   Only PR run of the day.  Super effort!

> We missed all the girls who either could not run or chose not to run on fall break.

> In general a pretty solid job of pacing and pack running.   The coaches noticed allot of girls giving 100%



> Mile 1 split highlighted in green suggest the athlete may have started out a bit too fast based upon slowing speed at the end of the race and often losing places or not gaining places.   Make sure in the first mile in any race that you are under control, positioned appropriately and saving something for later.

> Mile 1 plits highlighted in the brown color suggest the athlete might have run a bit faster in the first mile based upon how quickly they were able to finish.  Often the fix for this is just starting out a little more aggressively in the first 200M of the race and then settling into the under control pace described above.

> Use the workouts between now and the end of the season to work on the mental aspect of your sport.   Go into workouts with a mindset that you can accomplish anything you put your focused attention on.   Learn to manage the discomfort of hard running and smile when the going gets tough.  You CAN DO THIS!   I promise.  #MAKEITCOUNT


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