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> Open guys placed 2nd and JV guys were 5th.

> Overall a strong effort by our guys.   Most of us ran a pace faster in the 3K than we have been doing for 5K.  Great way to learn to run fast!

> Check out the differences in road kill between athletes who started too fast and too slow.   Gotta find the right balance fellas.

> Our goals as the season draws to a close are clear.  Varsity, make state.  JV place high at area.  Lot of new lettermen and PRs.



> Green highlights below mean you started a little too fast.   Brown means you started a little too slow.

> The area course is fast, so our workout paces are starting to ramp up.  Time to get comfortable running at paces faster than ever before.

> Lets really squad up in workouts and work together as a pack to make everyone better.

> This thing is rolling to a conclusion.   Time to #MAKEITCOUNT


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