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> Good effort in the heat.   Especially proud of guys JV earning a 5th place finish!

> Liked some of the pack running I saw in JV, but use the pack to push the pace forward all race, not just for the last mile.

> Kerrington, Charles, Logan R, Hunter, Nick L., Ryan, Zach, Chad, David and Gibby  faster than Pickens.

> Good competitve finishing and you guys got tons of "road kill"



> Varsity guys MUST close the 1-5 time/place gap.   We have ZERO chance of going to state with a :50 gap.  Goal = :20

> The vast majority of guys on the team got swallowed up in the pack early and went out way too slow for mile #1.

> For some of you, it is time to dream bigger dreams and not be afraid to take a risk.

> Be tough on the hills.   Shorten your stride, use your arms to create tempo & have no fear.  

> You will see several hills at Double Dip.   Hills sholdn't be charged but they shouldn't be jogged either.

> Getting back up to speed after the hills is key.  Make gains while the other guys are recovering.



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