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> Nice JV team win and solid Varsity 2nd place.

> JV girls place 7 runners in the top 11 overall places.   Thats a very good showing.

> Varsity top 5 time average was 1 second faster than Pickens 2015 even without Mallory!

> For the most part, we finished strong but check out the differenct in 1 mile split, targeted split and actual 2nd mile pace.

> Congrats to Claire, Olivia and Caroline who improved the most versus Pickens 2015!

> Our next race will have a good field who will start even faster.   Coach's advice.   Be patient early and strong late.

> Traveling can be stressful.  Each lady should go on this trip determined to live by the golden rule.  How would you like to be treated?

> Proud of this team.   #MAKEITCOUNT


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