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> JV and Open teams placed 3rd.  In current Milesplit rankings, our JV guys are 10th all class in the state!

> Varsity guys team time was #4 all time.   Individual PRs are fun.  Team PRs are better!

> Kerrington and Charles = #1 and #3 all time in a JV race.   Nick, Nate, Brock, Jeremy and Joseph add new marks to top 20 all time.

> Justin, Reece C. and Grayson place top 20 in the Open race.  

> 47 PRs!   8 new lettering times.   18 so far this year is the most in school history.  3 more than 2015 and 1 more than 2014!



> Be body aware at the start.  We don't want any athletes on the ground at the start. 

> The competition will be fierce this weekend.   Best we have faced all year.  GOOD!   I say bring it on.

> Learn from your mile split.  It shouldn't be more than :10 faster than your average for the race.  But the learning thing is how you felt!

> You have two more races before championship season to figure out pacing.  

> Save enough in the first mile (without getting buried in the first 200M) so you are strong in the last mile.

> Run smart!   Running tangents is the fastest path but not if you are jammed in a tight pack.  Give yourself space to move 2nd half.


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